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About Us

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Welcome to The Denver Scene. The Denver Scene really started back in 2012 as Denver Area Classifieds, almost 9 years ago as a Facebook group. Since then we have played around with many different marketing options and finally have found a perfect solution.

The Denver Scene is here to define our new direction we are taking to help the Denver area community and the local businesses. A place you can browse to get information on what’s happening, where to go to get the best donut all the way to finding the most popular recipe or food in the area.  Your one stop site for some great information based on other members of the copmmunities experience.

So is this a Directory? Why are directories even important? Most businesses just think directories are a way for someone to make an extra buck. Classified ads that probably don’t get any traffic. Sometimes this is true. But local directories have a much more important factors that most business owners don’t know. If you have a website and you are actually trying to get it to rank on Google, the more places you NAP (name, address, and phone number) come up and are correct, the better.

We offer so much more than a classified ad. With a listing, it will help with Google rankings and drive some traffic. But we do live video interviews with you and share it in our Facebook group of over 40,000 local members, share it on youtube and we also rank it locally for your target keywords.